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03 Lip 2019

Yasmeen Nazir and Geoff Metcalfe (Image: ITV Picture Desk)Get coque iphone 6 plus disney 3d the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersCoronation Street is to explore the disturbing effects of coercive control relationships in an upcoming storyline featuring Geoff Metcalfe and Yasmeen Nazir.The long running soap is aiming to raise awareness of this form of domestic abuse through the story of Geoff behaviour towards his partner.Recently viewers have seen Geoff, the father of cabbie Tim Metcalfe, become manipulative and controlling towards Yasmeen.Alarm bells have been ringing as he persuaded coque iphone 6 sneakers them to spend time alone away from friends and family including her granddaughter Alya.In the coque pas cher iphone 8 plus coming weeks his controlling behaviour will escalate, even staging a robbery so he can be seen to protect Yasmeen, taking over her bank account and isolating her from friends and family. And he coque iphone 8 silicone spigen will set up CCTV coque paris saint germain iphone 6 equipment in order to watch silicone coque iphone 7 her every move around the house.(Image: ITV)But, as is often the case, grandmother Yasmeen is unaware she is being controlled, and despite concerns expressed coque iphone 6 tech21 by Alya, Geoff is able to deceive those closest to her.Since 2015 this form of abuse has been classed as a criminal offence and underpins 95 per cent of all abusive relationships.Coronation Street coque iphone 6 s dragon ball z producer Iain Macleod said: „It’s common for people to think abusive behaviour has to be physical but coque iphone 6 sad you can damage someone profoundly without laying a finger on them.”Many thousands of people feel trapped in relationships with someone who claims to love them but who is actually taking them 3x coques iphone coque iphone 8 plus petit cochon 6 fleur apart piece by piece, isolating them from friends and family coque iphone 8 football mbappe and locking them in an invisible prison of fear and insecurity.”Often, the abusive behaviours accumulate and intensify over time so vrai coque apple iphone 7 that you don’t realise it’s happening it’s an insidious type of brainwashing.”(Image: ITV)He added: „I hope this story will help anyone going through coque iphone 7 fille similar experiences in the real world by highlighting that feeling undermined, belittled, controlled or intimidated by coque iphone 6 barber your partner is never okay.”The old and stones adage is just coque iphone 8 chiot plain wrong words can be instruments of torture coque barbie iphone 8 plus and manipulation.”Weatherfield General hospital radio DJ Geoff, played by Ian Batholomew, was introduced into the soap in March last year as a love interest of Audrey Roberts after she was admitted to hospital coque iphone 6 bumper rhinoshield and was later introduced to Yasmeen, played by Shelley King.Corrie has worked closely with the organisations Women’s Aid and Independent Choices Greater Manchester, which works with women and their dependants who have coque iphone 6 cactus been effected by domestic abuse, on the storyline.”This form of abuse was only established as a coque du barca iphone 6 criminal offence in 2015 after years of campaigning, and it is important that we increase coque iphone 8 dark vador awareness and understanding of this form of domestic abuse.”Many people think that unless there is physical coque iphone 6 ethnic abuse, it doesn’t count. Coercive control underpins almost all abusive relationships, and Geoff has established himself at the centre of Yasmeen’s life, and manipulated her in so many ways, controlling what she can and can’t do…